Rangle.io (Jekyll) Website, 2017-2018

In late 2017, I took over updating the Rangle.io website; the existing site used a Jekyll JAMstack static site generator, with Liquid templating. The e-commerce sales page is shown in the main image. This gig involved working directly with the marketing team to update content and implement designs, freeing up the primary development team to get stakeholder buy-in on the Gatsby.js/Contentful site update (implemented May 2018). My work on this project concluded in late January 2018 as the Gatsby migration project entered the development phase in earnest.

This gig provided several opportunities: working for a larger tech company, continuous integration best practices, and was my first practical introduction to Agile project management practices. I also got to work with designers in a cross-team capacity, which would become a speciality of mine in later projects.