Stageforce Inventory Application

In the fall of 2018, I was hired on as a replacement Ruby on Rails developer for a previous longterm freelancer on an inventory management application, owned by a home staging company in the San Diego area. On assessing the project, I brought on consultant to handle who was later added to the team to take on some of the new feature design work, as well as an iOS specialist, and database specialist.

During my time with Stageforce, I trained new customer service representatives, onboarded development team members, and implemented project management software for the team in order to optimize project flow. I also thorough documentation to this 3-year-old full-stack Rails project in production, and wrote up a manual smoke test, which doubled as a new team member orientation tool.

Features worked on included:

  • Building warehouse ROI reports, leading to a redesign of an existing reporting structure from Ruby-only to React/SQL structure for performance;
  • Updating admin interface with CSV reporting downloads and updated UI;
  • Ongoing list of minor features upgrades with shifting priorities;
  • Spearheading major feature design discussions with the business side of the project while self-teaching design-development flow strategies;
  • Making friends along the way :)